Superbman Man Supplement

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From :一粒 SUPERBMAN 10分钟效果马上来,全天然昂贵草药制成,不会有任何副作用以及可以放心使用,不需要等更可以让你操作猛如虎, 和另一半就能激情的XOXO. “MR.WHO 全品牌产品销量一天高达1500盒.” 主’要是产品里的效果‘好’和带给顾客的‘安心’服用以及拥有着食品认证,也不会带来副作用就可以的好好享用MR.WHO的‘保健品’ Superbman Man Supplement for Potent Male Enhancment Pill To Support Libido & Energy Superbmanman Product from Japan, No 1 top-selling in Japan. Top Repeat Sales from the customer, you try you know. Japan's TOP PRODUCTS! SUPER EFFECTIVE IN 5-15 MINUTES Function : - All ingredient from Natural Herb, - Improve Kidney deficiency in impotence - Balance hormones in the body - Increase physical strength - Improve active sperm - Improve prostate problems - Relieve stress Ingredients : 1. Maca Powder 2.Lycium Chinese (Goji ) 3. Horny Goat Weeds 4. Ginseng 5. Tribulus Powder Instruction : Japan's Top Products ! Effective in 5-15 Minutes It's a capsule There are 2 way to eat : First Step, to swallow directly The effect will come in half an hours. The second step, open the capsule and mix some water or coffee into it and drink it. The effect will come within 5-10 minutes.
Services :Massage(10mins)
Package 1 :RM 160 (6 Capsules)
Package 2 :RM 380 (18 Capsules)